Fluorine Chemistry

FLUORINE CHEMISTRYFluorinated chemicals find widespread use in hundreds of applications, such as anti-corrosion or anti-icing coatings, liquid-repellent textiles, oil/water separation, fire-fighting foams, paints, pharmaceuticals, and surfactants. Unfortunately, they do not degrade under enzymatic or metabolic conditions, thus showing long-term persistence in the environment and strong tendency to bioaccumulate.
Our research in this field focuses mainly on two topics:
- design of more sustainable highly branched fluorinated compounds, as a ‘greener’ alternative to linear long-chain perfluorocarbons for the development of super-repellent and self-cleaning surfaces, surfactants/emulsifiers, and 19F-tracers for bioimaging purposes.[1,2]
- use of Hydrophobins, a class of extremely surface-active and film-forming proteins produced by filamentous fungi, as a natural surfactant for stabilizing fluorinated coatings on apolar surfaces and preparing stable aqueous dispersions of various fluorinated nanoaggregates.[3-5]


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